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Short Rounds
An Eclectic Collection of Stories, Poems and a Short Memoir


Five short stories and a brief spiritual memoir titled Faith Came Easy, plus two previously unpublished poems. There is mystery, science fiction, scene portraiture and even horror. The first piece is a mind-bender, a short story with a twist. Some quick reads and intriguing plots. They pretty much all stand alone, although “Inside Out” utilizes the main character from the Adirondack Mystery series, Hallum Johnson. The other stories are all orphans in character and the fact that this is the first time they have seen the light of day in publication.

Zirlinson Publishing

Copyright Richard H. Nilsen 2019

Paperback 166 Pages

ISBN 9781387648146

Trying to Help People
Fifty Years in the Wilderness
Poems 1965-2015

Personally, I am on a journey of discovery when I compose a poem. I rarely have a plan or any idea what the finished product will look like. Often a bit of conversation, something I’ve heard on the radio or read in a newspaper will set me off on that voyage of discovery. ... As far as the title goes, I’ve always liked the turn of thought from such sayings as, 'No good deed goes unpunished.' Trying to help people is not only an exercise in futility; it is likely to get you in trouble. Yet there are those of us who have the audacity to make the attempt and the effrontery to expect such efforts to be appreciated.

Zirlinson Publishing

Copyright Richard H. Nilsen 2015

Paperback 200 Pages

ISBN 9781329597891​

In Kathryn's Korner
A Memoir


I’ve been writing a column for our local newspaper in Upstate New York for more than 20 years. It was never my goal to be a newspaper columnist. I wanted to be an actress or maybe sing and dance on stage. But along the way to my dream, I was diagnosed with MS. I can tell you that this diagnosis has turned into a gift that changed my perspective on life and what was important. Many people have been helpful, caring, loving and supportive. This book of my memoirs is a culmination of my experiences as well as a tribute to all those people, family and friends who have helped me along the way. This support has been overwhelming. I have so much to say and share due to all these people who have been In Kathryn’s Korner!

Zirlinson Publishing

Copyright Richard H. Nilsen 2015

Paperback 250 Pages

ISBN 9781329708518​

Training Wheels
How My MS Led to Plan B


Those who read Kathryn's first book, In Kathryn's Korner, know she used to double date with Julia Roberts, work with Michael Chikliss, Anthony Bourdain and Edie Falco and spend Saturday afternoons with Dennis Hopper. This book isn't about that. This book is about life after "Hollyweird," as she calls it; dealing with a life-changing diagnosis of MS and still looking forward to each day! For each lemon life has thrown at her she has made lemonade.


Zirlinson Publishing

Copyright Richard H. Nilsen 2018

Paperback 160 Pages

ISBN 9781387604357

Son of Nils

A Memoir


All of life was simple to my father. You worked hard. You told the truth. You stayed faithful to your mate, family and business. You rested at times, and played and picnicked when appropriate, but never to excess. When bad things happened, you endured and persevered. No miraculous promises of being saved by the bell, angels or rich uncles were on the horizon. But in between all this common sense stoicism and simple view of life, a philosophy emerged with more nuances than perhaps even he envisioned. It was a “do the right thing and right things will prevail” life-view over all, but with laughter, surprises, friendships and love found along the way. At least that’s how it seemed to me. And since his first name was Nils, I was, literally, the son of....

Zirlinson Publishing

Copyright Richard H. Nilsen 2019

Paperback 72 Pages

ISBN 9780359746422


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