An Old-Fashioned Shooting


An Old-Fashioned Shooting is a wild ride through the Adirondacks of upstate New York with a mystery to be solved, abundant wit and humor, and a great sense of fun. The action takes place in the recent past and follows the narrator through a twisting tale of mystery and intrigue. A good time read. Come on along.​

Zirlinson Publishing

Copyright Richard H. Nilsen 2015

Paperback 224 Pages

ISBN 9781329181991

An Old-Fashioned Hanging: A Hallum Johnson Adirondack Mystery


The flies were the first thing that would have caught my attention. The drooping, sagging mass of flesh and the smell of urine and the bowels having let go were right up there in sensory overload, but the buzzing blue and green shining flies all over the body signaled there was no going back for this dude. From doing suicide on-call for more than a decade, I’ve seen my share of “successful” attempts. There are no pretty stories to tell.


Zirlinson Publishing

Copyright Richard H. Nilsen 2016

Paperback 236 Pages

ISBN 9781365506994

An Old-Fashioned Drowning: A Hal Johnson Adirondack Mystery

Dozens of intrepid folks rush into the water of the channel between East and West Caroga Lakes for the Polar Plunge. They do this intentionally. I witness this event each year. Even though I have Nordic genes and have been accused of preferring a roll in the snow to lying on a hot beach, I still marvel at the people voluntarily running into the ice water with screams of supposed delight and happiness. This particular year, the crazy event connected to something sinister, and that’s where it got sad, but interesting. Just the kind of thing they’d call me in on… and that’s what they did.​

Zirlinson Publishing

Copyright Richard H. Nilsen 2019

Paperback 178 Pages

ISBN 9780359608737

Brush Arbor

A Cautionary Tale of Rural Arkansas in an earlier time. Teens caught up in the mystery surrounding the murder of one of their own. It evokes the rural Deep South in the 1950s, with the sights, sounds and atmosphere of a small town with secrets.

"...thrusts the reader right into every scene. I not only knew the characters well, but could hear their accents, smell their surroundings, and feel their emotions. His unexpected and well-thought out plot has made Brush Arbor one of the best works of fiction I've read lately. I was sorry when I came to the end." Roberta DeCaprio

Zirlinson Publishing

Copyright Richard H. Nilsen 2016

Paperback 266 Pages

ISBN 9781365218538


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