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Caroga: Four Seasons


Since I first came to Caroga Lake in 1949, when my parents bought a rustic camp on the north shore of West Caroga Lake, I have always been a bit in love with this area. When I graduated from seasonal to year-round resident in 1995 it became home sweet home.

My selection of photos makes no attempt to cover all aspects of our beautiful area. Still, you may get an idea of how much I care about this town I have made home, and see the beauty of all four seasons.

Zirlinson Publishing

Copyright Richard H. Nilsen 2018

Paperback 126 Pages

ISBN 9781387869480

Caroga 2020


The second Caroga Lake Calendar is now available.

Caroga 2020 is filled with all new photography  by Richard H. Nilsen, capturing the beauty and mystery of Caroga Lake. The scenic wonder and marvelous wildlife of the Adirondacks can be with you all year long.

Each calendar contains 12 full color prints on heavy card-stock suitable for framing. If you missed last year's and would like those photos too, they are still available.

Caroga Four Seasons
2019 calendar

Caroga Town Historian Richard H. Nilsen shares his images of the town in the Adirondack Mountains of Upstate New York in this 2019 calendar from Zirlinson Publishing.


A Garden Voyage


Central Park in Schenectady, the ‘Place Beyond the Pines.’


In the midst of a city trying to rebirth itself, revive itself from its industrial past, there is a patch of beauty most of the residents don’t know exists. It is a magnet for young lovers, for school trips and, especially, for photographers. Richard H. Nilsen, armed with three cameras, entered the gates and found the beauty. This is a collection of his best photos from that single trip, July 6, 2017.

Zirlinson Publishing

Copyright Richard H. Nilsen 2018

Paperback 70 Pages

ISBN 9781387656233​

The Book of Power

Book 1 of the Chronicles of Iluvia

From The Book of Power: "Let me speak of a time when the world was not as it is. Some of the history of that time came down to us in spoken word and that word was written down with pictures drawn and maps plotted. Whether all things that were said were truth and all writings were exact is not for this student to say. In long studies at night and in the day through libraries and records and keepers of many local histories this student can but pass on what was written and drawn and spoken from father to son. From all those dusty books and dry speeches comes the story that follows. From all that and a faith and feeling for what is true."


Zirlinson Publishing

Copyright Richard H. Nilsen 2015

Paperback 296 Pages

ISBN 9781329229273


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